Together we are stronger

We work with our corporate partners to co-create or jointly access investment opportunities for our funds and our clients. Collaboration comes in many forms. Some of our corporate partners are operators of our underlying investment companies; some introduce capital, investments, or both to our investment vehicles; others provide the technology that help us better manage capital. In most cases, Hoovest provides the investment, regulatory compliance, and financial structuring expertise as the key ingredients to a successful collaboration.

The biggest winner of all? Our clients, investors, and customers. And when they win, we all win as well.

INP Capital

INP Capital is a venture capital firm based in Vancouver, with offices in Beijing and Sydney.

The team behind INP Capital truly has a talent for identifying great investments. Many venture capital firms are considered top performers to have invested in one investment that turned out to be a unicorn. INP has successfully invested in two in its short history of five years in operations.

INP Capital’s portfolio companies:

Intelli Group

Intelli Group is a multi-disciplinary group with one of its areas of expertise in the operations and development of real estate.

In particular, Intelli provides access to investments in senior housing operating assets that incorporate lifestyle services beyond the scope of an ordinary real estate project.

The Intelli team takes great care of the stakeholders of their community, whether they are residents, operating staff, or investors of their projects.

Eon Labs

Eon Labs is a software company that specializes in financial technology, particularly in the applications of data analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and technical analysis in trading algorithms.

Eon Labs plans to expand the application of its core technology to other industries with the ethos of applying machine learning to better human lives.

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