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Hoovest Intelli Atrium Senior Housing Income Fund


The Hoovest Intelli Atrium Senior Housing Income Fund provides investors access to earning operating income from assets relating to senior lifestyle.


The Hoovest Intelli Atrium Senior Housing Income Fund will source investments in private and public securities in the sector of senior health and medical services, particularly in British Columbia, Canada. The fund’s objective is to provide low single-digit yield derived from underlying operating businesses in senior living real estate to generate income.

Hamilton High Street Residence, a senior living property in Richmond BC, Canada — the Hoovest Intelli Atrium Senior Housing Income Fund is an investor in its associated operating entity.


The Hoovest Intelli Atrium Senior Housing Income Fund provides the following risk-return profile:

  • low volatility investment, uncorrelated to the stock market, with yield suitable for capital preservation and income generation
  • investment income linked to the senior housing sector of real estate


Senior community living projects are attractive in an economic environment with an aging population. The demand for these properties is driven by the increases in Canadians over the age of 65. Vacancy rates decrease as demand for senior housing continues to evolve and grow.

The following major trends are expected to impact the projected demand for senior housing as well as the types and quality of senior housing that will be required to meet evolving needs and preferences in the market.

  • Aging demographics – the increase in people over the age of 75 is expected to create new demand for senior housing and specialized care programs.
  • Increasing life expectancy – continuing advancement in healthcare, medical technology, and healthy lifestyle choices are expected to extend the average length of stay of residents in senior housing and care properties, contributing to the increases in overall demand.
  • Low vacancy – independent living spaces for seniors have been on the decline since 2013, and the 2018 figure indicates the lowest ever vacancy rate of 3% in BC, prompting higher rents in 2017 and 2018.
  • Fundserv code — Class F: HWM511  /  Class A: HWM512

  • Fees — Class F: 0.50%  /  Class A: 1.50%

  • Asset class — real estate private equity

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